CES 2008: Genius 0

CES 2008: Genius Review

Genius is the type if brand which offers many different items. Their audio products range from headset to desktop speakers. These include everything from budget earphones to highend Bluetooth stereo headsets with touch sensitive controls. These can also be used with your Bluetooth enabled cellphone.

The desktop speakers look quite nice and have a very high quality feel to them. The speaker controls are also touch sensitive. A small LCD screen shows you the current setting which adds to the high quality feel of the speakers.

Their input devices range from pen based input to gaming devices. A 22" monitor with direct touch sensitive pen input should make it very easy to use imaging products like Photoshop among other things. The graphic tables also have some unique features with shortcuts on the edge of the tablet itself. So you can quickly cut and paste with the press of a button, without having to use keyboard shortcuts or the application menu.

Another item which caught our eye was the ErgoMedia 500, which is a claw based keyboard. This should be perfect for those heavy FPS gamers and MMPROG players. The Remote 850 is a great 16 in 1 remote with an LCD screen. It also doubles as a Windows MCE remote. Like at many other companes you will also find digital picture frames. The upside of this one is the integrated calendar.

There are also a large amount of USB based devices on show. A very nice piece is the fridge magnet, with a camera and LCD screen. Instead of writing a PostIt note, simply record your message to your family with the camera and stick it on the fridge.