CM Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse 7

CM Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse

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The Havoc gaming mouse is for MMO players as per the marketing around it, but it is equally well-suited to FPS gaming. The sensor is very precise, but its position on the mouse compromises handling from the get-go. No one should produce gaming mice without perfectly centered sensors because handling is altered a lot by a sensor that is just slightly off-center, toward the front. The weaker-than-average tactile feedback is probably a nuisance to some MMO gamers, while others will find its low actuation point to be ideal. The tactile performance of the buttons also means that you have to adjust the mouse while playing FPS games, which is wrong. The general tracking performance of the sensor is topnotch, as one would expect from the Avago ADNS-9800, but its less than ideal implementation constantly leaves you wanting.

That said, this mouse features a seriously nice coating, and the rubber patch inside the thumb indentation area is a great tweak. It would have, had it only been coupled with better designed buttons, been a serious contender versus such mice as the Mionix Avior.


Driver suites from CM Storm are always a bit on the flashy side, and it is no different for the Havoc. It does work well and you get to set the mouse up, and load its settings onto its on-board memory. Macros are easily configured and assigned as well.
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