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CM Storm Pitch In-ear Gaming Headset Review

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The Package

The Pitch arrived in a small package that allows you to see the product.

Despite being priced at only €29, you get quite a neat bundle. CM Storm also includes a splitter, so you can use the Pitch with both your phone and PC.

Closer Examination

The design is pretty simple, but includes a few flashy details. One thing you do notice once you unbox them is that the diameter of the shells is pretty big, especially considering CM Storm is only using 10mm Ø drivers.

The ear pieces seem very sturdy. The on-cable microphone and button assembly do not, but both are still alright for a budget in-ear gaming headset.

The tip selection is pretty dismal with only three different sizes, and none of them are thick enough to give a good and secure fit. This is something many in-ear manufacturers overlook, even those producing high-end in-ears.

CM Storm jumped on the flat cable bandwagon and ships the Pitch with a bright red, flat cable. It is not as extreme as many flat cables in its width to height ratio, but is still rectangular. The primary advantage of a flat cable is that it is slightly less prone to tangling. Any cable design that mitigates entanglement is welcome, and it seems durable and not as microphonic as one would think.
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