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CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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The Package

The CM Storm Quick Fire Pro arrived in a box clad in the black / red color scheme that is on all CM Storm products.

CM Storm has adopted the idea of a removable cable for their entire lineup of high end gaming keyboards. The implementation on the Quick Fire Pro is better than on the Trigger because the cable entry is in the center of the board which is a much more protected area than at the upper right corner like on the Trigger. It is, however, a bit tricky to install and remove the cable because the plug is located so close to the back plate of the keyboard.

You also get a small key cap remover which is nice if you ever need to clean out the keyboard. CM Storm does not supply any spare keys like we have seen with the recent QPAD MK-series keyboards.

Closer Examination

The layout is standard with the addition of the F-lock key. The design is pretty simple only the indicator LED area is a bit flashy. No wrist rest for this keyboard.

CM Storm has included media key functionality on the Quick Fire Pro which is nice. The Quick Fire Pro incorporates a lot of unique features. You get hardware controlled polling rate and n-key roll-over. Albeit a bit gimmicky, we have come across setups that have a hard time handling 1000 Hz polling rate over USB.

Both the elevated stands and the back plate of the keyboard feature rubber pads.
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