CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse & Scorpion Bungee 9

CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse & Scorpion Bungee Review

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Value and Conclusion

CM Storm Scorpion

  • The Scorpion will set you back $19.99.
  • Helps with cable drag in a few scenarios
  • Does not lower cable drag in all cases
  • Expensive! $19.99 is the same price as many mats!
  • Does not look good
  • Takes up a lot of desk space.
  • Will slide around on very smooth surfaces
The CM Storm Scorpion is not a good piece, especially for such a price. While we can think of some scenarios where it is worth the asking price, most people will be better off running their cable over their desk. This solution could be for you if you have the unfortunate combination of a fraying, loosely woven cloth-mat and a mouse with a braided cable, but I sincerely doubt that this is the best way to spend your money. Let’s face it - a lot of really good mouse mats only cost around $20.

CM Storm Recon

  • The CM Storm Recon costs $39.99.
  • Price
  • Quality sensor
  • Good firmware
  • Good driver suite
  • Thumb buttons
  • Nice scroll wheel
  • Normal mouse cable
  • Nice button mechanics
  • Minor sensor issues at very high DPI
  • Shape might not accommodate all hand shapes and sizes
  • Counterintuitive sensor adjustments
Aside from the lift-off distance adjustment shenanigans, the Recon proved to be a mouse that is well worth its asking price. The choice of Avago's ADNS-3090 sensor is neat and does, in the Recon, offer the same level of performance as other implementations, and it is, at $39.99, hard not to like. The shape is a bit odd and your comfort level will depend highly on the size and shape of your hands since the palm plate is heavily sculpted. The Recon comes with a rich feature set, and its driver allows you to tweak pretty much anything.
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