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CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset Review

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The Package

Like all other gaming gear from CM Storm, the Sonuz arrived in a well-padded, colorful box.

The Sonuz features the usual gold plated mini-jacks. The cable is sleeved and seems more durable than those featured on most headsets today.

One of the interesting features of the Sonuz is the fact that the user can select which side he or she wants the microphone on.

Closer Examination

CM Storm went for the gunmetal grey look which works fine. The design definitely takes some cues from the new Denon and Beats headphones. It looks half decent if you are into such a design.

The ear cups are circum-aural, which means the pads rest on your skull rather than your ears. It does feature a closed-back design, but heat and moisture due to the pads does not become a problem during prolonged gaming sessions.

Even though the design is predominantly plastic, the headband does have steel innards.

The microphone latches onto the headset via a bayonet-type mount. It works alright, but it is definitely not as well made as those featured on the KRK Systems headphones we reviewed a while ago.

On-cable adjusters are becoming redundant as pretty much all types of gaming gear can be setup to take control of both microphone and volume adjusters. CM Storm's version of the adjuster seems alright but is pretty generic, since you just get volume adjustment and microphone on/off options.

Once plugged in, the microphone allows for 120 degree rotation, which is more than enough to get it positioned just right.

The microphone beam features a bendable memory-type middle section.

Pad wise, the Sonuz is very well equipped. The velvet pads are very comfortable and let you game for ages without becoming uncomfortable.

Bulky and durable is probably the best way to describe the cable used on the Sonuz. The Y-split is over-sized and non-adjustable, which is good in terms of durability.
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