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CM Storm Speed-RX Mouse Mats Review

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The Package

Speed-RX is the name of a new series of mouse mats from CM Storm. The mouse mats are of the soft variant and are available in three different sizes. New for the Speed-RX is a finer type of surface, which CM Storm designates micro weave.

Closer Examination

The sizes offered have a sufficient spread so that anyone will be able to get a mat in a size that suits them. The medium sized mat is probably the best bet for most people, but if you want to save some desk space and play with a high sensitivity the small version could be a good choice. The large is definitely big enough to accommodate even very low sensitivity gamers.

The design is basically the same for all the Speed-RX mats except for the size. The backing is made of rubber foam and due to the weight of the mats they tend to stay in place nicely.

Design wise the mats are primarily black with a small CM Storm logo at the bottom which is placed in a spot that rarely gets used while gaming. The glide of the logo is definitely a lot worse than across the mat, but due to the size and placement it is a very small problem.

Surface wise the Speed-RX mat is right at the top of the pack. Albeit not as durable as a hard mat it will definitely give many hybrid mats a run for their money. The quality of the weave is very high and very uniform. Also the bonding at the edges is better than what you usually see on gaming grade soft mats. Compared to a SteelSeries QcK+ mat the Speed-RX is better built, but it also comes at a slightly higher price. With a surface that performs just as well as the more expensive Zowie G-TF mats the higher price is justified.
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