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CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Closer Examination

The Trigger keyboard has a somewhat unusual design, especially around the arrow-keys. Due to the addition of five macro buttons on the left of the keyboard it is a bit bigger than your average full-size keyboard, but only about 5 cm.

This small pattern near the cursor keys might not be to everyone's liking, for others it could provide extra grip.

CM Storm went for a somewhat funky cable implementation. Instead of having a cable that is solidly connected to the keyboard, they went for an ordinary micro-USB cable and interface. Durability wise this solution is definitely inferior to a normal system with an integrated strain relief.

Two function keys are present on the Trigger which allows you to access all of the custom functions when combined with the F-keys.

The macro key area is somewhat odd to access, but if you are used to Logitech's G-series then it will probably be an easy transition. Since the keyboard can store several different profiles you could easily make a profile dedicated to just one game or application where some of the normal keys were reassigned to enable macro functions.

Media keys are combined with the F-keys just like we saw on the recent keyboards from QPAD.

Port wise the Trigger is a bit special. Mini-USB is the only way to hook it up to your PC. The two USB ports are well positioned and are easy to access. In order to utilize the full potential of them you need to hook up a PSU to the keyboard which is not included with the package.

The stands seem to work well even though they only feature two positions. The rubber pads on the back of the keyboard ensure that it does not slide around on the desk.

The wrist rest works alright and is of course removable.
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