CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 31

CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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The driver suite for the Trigger is quite ordinary compared to what we have seen on ROCCAT products. It does, however, cover the basics well and allows for easy customization of layout and macros, etc. The profiles are stored on the keyboard which means that the driver suite reads from the keyboard every time you start your PC, which introduces a small delay. While it is not a major problem it is a bit annoying if you are rebooting the machine a lot, fortunately the detection can be turned off allowing you to skip the wait.

Both macro set-up and profile editing systems seem well implemented and allow for a lot of tweaking. All macros are stored on the keyboards internal memory and there is even a dedicated system that handles the playback of them. This allows for macro use in all games since the input is coming directly from the keyboard. According to CM Storm it also does away with a small wait stage that is added by the driver enable macro playback.
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