Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS 3

Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS

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The Package

Cambridge Audio ships the tiny DacMagic XS in a small box that highlights its neat features.

Like the product, the bundle is small. You only get a small USB cable and a small carrying pouch.

Closer Examination

The DacMagic XS is a tiny little marvel of a device. Like the AudioQuest Dragonfly, it successfully manages to pack a very potent little DAC setup and a headphone amplification stage that can drive almost all headphones around.

Cambridge Audio has kept the design very simple with the XS. There are two volume buttons on top that run the digital pot inside the device. These, in other words, do not just control the volume in your OS.

The input is micro-USB, which is a must-have because of the XS' small shell.

The output is right next to a small multicolored LED that indicates sampling frequency. A light next to the LED also lights up if you use one of the volume controls. Maxing volume out will have it light up red.

The DacMagic XS is pretty close to the AudioQuest Dragonfly in size, although its form factor is slightly different as it is flatter and wider but shorter. Both are highly practical and can easily fit into a small pocket.
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