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CaseLabs MAGNUM M8

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We received the chassis in a big brown cardboard box, while most of the optional accessories were packed into another, identical package. There is no labels or logos on these brown boxes and considering the fact that these cases can only be bought online, a fancy packaging is not really needed. CaseLabs protects the case and its parts with fairly thick Styrofoam plates all around the parts. As you can see the (possibly dumb) people at FedEx could not keep their grubby hands of the case and had to open it up "for customs purposes", thus the thick plastic bag protecting the M8 had their tape all over it. Apparently FedEx has not heard of the Internet, as CaseLabs has declared everything properly and finding information about the contents is one simple search away. Luckily the Magnum M8 was not damaged or scratched in the process.


As mentioned before, CaseLabs has not only shipped the chassis, but also a whole bunch of extras. You will receive everything you need to fill the case in its standard configuration to the rim, but lets take a quick look what is inside the big bag labeled "Techpowerup". I will list all the optional parts inside this bag, as it is way too much to put into this paragraph in no particular order:
On top of the smaller parts above, CaseLabs has provided us with the pedestal, windowed side panel and the "64 mm ventilated top cover" optional part. You may select the latter two modifications when ordering the chassis.
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