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CeBIT 2007: ASUS Review

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The most interesting item at the ASUS booth is their new line-up of soundcards. ASUS managed to do what Creative has been planning for the X-Fi series for a long time: offer a PCIe x1 soundcard. It has a 118db signal to noise ratio for playback and a 112 db SNR for recording. The Xonar D2 cards are also certified with various Dolby and Dolby Digital logos. ASUS has included a secondary processor which enables legal ripping of your music files. It basically routes all the music through the secondary processor during playback, which then can be recorded as an MP3 or WMA. There is no difference between the D2x and the D2 besides the interface used.

ASUS also displays the first notebooks with LED back light. They go by the name U1F and feature a 11.1 inch LCD, Intel Core 2 Duo U2400, up to 80GB hard drive space, EDR Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel web cam. They are available in different colors, with leather being used as well.

They also placed two unusual notebooks on a shelf. The first is another "UMPC" with a 7 inch display featuring a 800 x 480 resolution. ASUS decided not to reveal any more about that notebook. The second is a rugged military grade notebook. It is aimed at troops while on deployment.

The XG Station is also being shown off. There was no mention as to what graphic card was inside. ASUS is still in the process of deciding to sell the station separately or only as a bundle with graphic card. They have two identical notebooks running 3DMark 2006. The notebook with the XG Station is running a lot faster and uses a larger screen.

Their new Lamborghini notebook is also on display. It is available in two variants - Lamborghini yellow or with a carbon fiber look. The inside uses leather with yellow seams to further the overall theme of the notebook.

ASUS will also be selling exclusive accessories. They have two different Lamborghini mice and a very exclusive leather handbag to fit the notebook.

The following is just a gallery of all available notebooks from ASUS. There is nothing really new or revolutionary about these. Some have been on the market for some time and are just on display at the large booth.

ASUS Notebook Gallery:

ASUS also sells accessories for the G series of gaming notebooks. They have teamed up with Logitech to offer mice, which fit the overall theme. These look like quite similar to the Logitech MX518. Inside the glass casing are two hard drive enclosures - one for 2.5" the other for 3.5" drives.
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