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CeBIT 2007: ASUS Review

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ASUS is also displaying a lot of different coolers. Most of them are so called "tower" coolers, utilizing heat pipes for cooling. They all have an embedded fan for cooling. I cannot imagine a large difference in performance between these three coolers.

The biggest CPU cooler utilizes two 12 cm fans and six heat pipes. The Silent Knight is made completely of copper and weighs 610g. The Pirate 75 can mount a 12 cm fan to cool the fins and three heat pipes. ASUS has also hung up various fans which can display text or logos when turned on.

There is a 22 inch wide screen gamer LCD being displayed as well. It features a 2.1 system, with the subwoofer built into the stand. The screen features a resolution of 1680 x 1050 and a 2 ms response time.
Another LCD can be seen which utilizes a real glass front.

They also have a new Vento gaming case placed next to the afore mentioned 22 inch LCD screen. Last but not least, ASUS is offering the GeForce 8800GTX with the new Thermaltake ND4 and Tide Water Plus.
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