CeBIT 2007: Cool IT Systems Review 3

CeBIT 2007: Cool IT Systems Review

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Cool IT Systems must have the most unique liquid cooling systems at the show. They are working together with Silverstone to create a case & cooler combination which can handle anything you can throw at it. Their systems are incredibly quiet and they also offer a memory cooler, to compensate for the lack of air movement around the mainboard.

The TEC cooling unit is hollow with a 12 cm fan at either side. The entire setup is connected to a PCB so that everything can be monitored and tweaked on the PC desktop.

A second 7 cm fan is moving air over the liquid cooled GeForce 8800GTX SLI cards. They are included in the coolant loop and utilize very compact blocks.

With the help of the afore mentioned PCB the entire setup is controlled by software on the desktop. The Silverstone unit was running at 24° Celsius on the CPU. Which is an awesome result considering the large loop, which included the SLI graphic cards.

A lot of high performance PC manufacturers like Dell, Alienware, Velocity Micro have partnered up with Cool IT Systems to deliver long lasting, maintenance free solutions. There is a Velocity system at their booth with the Eliminator CPU cooler. This system can be bought for $199 USD, comes pre-filled and is completely maintenance free. It weighs a mere 195g, has three TECs which draw a maximum of 40W. The Eliminator can handle a total heat output of up to 125W.

The Freezone is the mid range system and has a MSRP of $399 USD. It features six TECs which draw a maximum of 56W and it can handle a total heat output of up to 175W. Cool IT is showing the system up and running at full throttle and without a hot CPU attached, this is why there is condensation on the CPU block.

The retail package for the Eliminator is rather small and as you can see, the system is sold completely assembled. Cool IT also has a USB beverage cooler, which was created for marketing purposes initially. The demand on these units was so high, that the company decided to sell them as well.
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