CeBIT 2007: Coolermaster 0

CeBIT 2007: Coolermaster Review

The Mars cooler is getting a little brother, called Mars 2. It is being shown off in two colors, but Coolermaster has not yet chosen which one to sell. Apparently girls like the black one, while guys want to have the golden brown one.

There is a large dual fan HSF with two 12 cm fans as well. It is called the Hyper 212 and utilizes four heat pipes. The largest heatsink on display is the GeminII which can hold up to two 12 cm fans a swell.

The new Hyper TX 2 can now be mounted on all sockets, so no more choosing between two models. The Hyper TX 3 uses a fan which is spring mounted to reduce noise. Both have three heat pipes which run up either side of the heatsink. The Vortex 752 is a low profile cooler with heat pipes and spring mounted fan. The new pre-filled solution from Coolermaster is called Aquagate S1 and features see through tubes with blue coolant and a 12 cm fan and radiator.

Coolermaster also produces OEM and BTX cooling solutions, which they have on display behind a glass barrier.

A few power supplies are also on display. The two new variants are the Real Power 850W or 1000W and the other is a 750W unit. The Real Power variants actually have six +12V rails. The 750W unit on the picture to the left, has four +12V rails.

Coolermaster also had a modding contest in the weeks before the show and are now displaying the winners at CeBIT. We have snapped pictures of these beauties for your viewing pleasure: