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CeBIT 2007: ECS Elitegroup Review

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Last year, ECS has announced plans that they will enter the video card business. They will offer a complete lineup of NVIDIA GeForce cards, up to the highest-end 8800 GTX models. With ECS' huge manufacturing capacities and excellent engineering knowledge, they could quickly become a big player in the NVIDIA video card market.

Even though the name says 965, the ECS 965PLT-A is powered by the Intel 946GZ, which essentially is a 965 chipset. The board uses an integrated Intel GMA 3000 graphics core to provide on-board VGA. You have two PCI-Express slots available for two video cards that can run in ATI CrossFire mode.

On the ECS AMD690GM-M2 you find AMD's brand-new AMD 690 chipset which is among the most cost effective solutions for the AMD platform when you want to use integrated VGA.

The G33T-M is based on Intel's G33 chipset which features integrated VGA. The board will have a DVI connector for high-quality video output. It comes with prominent features such as Viiv support, IEEE1394 and Gigabit Ethernet.

As direct competition to the AMD 690 Chipset, NVIDIA released their GeForce 7080 integrated graphics. The board features DVI output, High-Def Audio and Gigabit Ethernet.

The ECS MCP73T-M uses on-board VGA as well but can run the latest Intel processors.

Another board with Intel's new chipsets is the P35T-A. It supports DDR2 and DDR3, overclocking limitations have been removed. Other than that the board comes with the usual features like six SATA-II connectors and IEEE1394 Firewire. The two PCI-E x16 slots support ATI CrossFire.

Q33T-M and Q35T-M are identical in PCB design and specs are very similar. the Q33 board use the Intel Q33 chipset + ICH9 Southbridge, the Q35 uses Intel's Q35 + ICH9DO Southbridge.
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