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CeBIT 2007: Gigabyte Review

The entire passive graphic card range is being shown off. Gigabyte is one of the few firms offering custom PCB based graphic cards. The low end is currently occupied by the 7300GS with 256MB memory. A step up from that is the 7300GT which features a heat pipe cooler. The 7600GS uses the exact same PCB. Note how Gigabyte has the model name printed on the PCB of the 7600GS while a sticker has been placed on the 7300GT variant. I wonder what can be found under the sticker.

The 7600GT variant features passive cooling as well, here the heat pipes lead to the back of the card. This side is usually right under the CPU cooler, from which it also receives air flow. This should aid in keeping temperatures down. Gigabyte is also showing off their Silent Pipe 2 on a 7600 GS. The successor of the Silent Pipe 2 is called - Silent Pipe 3 and features two heat pipes. It is actually placed in the spot of a GeForce 7950GT. This may mean that Gigabyte will be offering such a card with the new cooler.

The afore mentioned additional card for HDMI is also being displayed multiple times. The very well known I-RAM and the I-RAM-Box can also be seen. Both can take up to 4GB of DDR memory and utilize a SATA connector.

The very successful GA-P965-DS3 board is up and running with the CPU overclocked to 3500 MHz. It is well known that this board is an awesome overclocker and comes at a great price point.

Gigabyte has a few upcoming notebooks on display as well. They range from 12.1 inch display size to 15.4 inches. Some already feature the "newest NVIDIA graphics" but no further mention has been made. You will most likely find a GeForce 8300 or 8600 inside these notebooks.

Notebook Gallery

There is also a small LAN surge protector on display. Just place it between your network cable and wall plug to protect your network from surges. A DVB-T stick can also be found. Countries like Austria and Germany are just in the process of switching from analog over-the-air broadcasting to digital variants. Another very interesting item is the universal battery from Gigabyte. It has a capacity of 10,000mAh and is not bound to a single notebook model.

The entire range of wireless products can also be viewed. Gigabyte has a complete range of miniPCI wireless cards as well as different routers and networking products.

Gigabyte also features a great line-up of home theater products. The M100 is a stereo which can store up to 10 thousand songs, which can be ripped directly from CDs. There are a lot of different HTPCs or as Gigabyte calls them - Entertainment PCs being shown. The new Windows Vista MCE remote also has the Gigabyte brand printed on it.

There are a few small form factor PCs on display as well. Some are just simply small form factors, while others mimic a DVD play in size. There was one, which also featured a HDMI port.