CeBIT 2007: In Win Review 0

CeBIT 2007: In Win Review

Inwin has a large, wide open booth, showing a lot of different cases. There are budget cases in black and white. These come in different sizes to house ATX or mATX boards. Almost all of their cases come in multiple colors. They have a very spacey case available in three different colors.

That case was also displayed in a "real" setting on an office desk. The J615 series features a metal front in different colors. These look quite high quality and should not cost a lot.

There a few very nice eye catchers as well. In Win has two concept cases on display. Both are mATX, while the right features a very edgy and sleek look the second has the word "pride" printed on it, with a few softer edges.

In Win also has some very interesting gamer case being shown inside a glass cube. One has been inspired by the B2 bomber and actually has the similar paint job. The side features an air vent, shaped just like the bomber itself. This is a gorgeous case and should be a great for LAN parties. The "normal" gamer case has the same layout, but lacks the door. It has an immaculate red paint job and an arbitrary shaped side air vent. This case could be used as base for some great modding.