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CeBIT 2007: Lian Li Review

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Lian Li is an industry leader in computer cases. Providing products anything from regular PC towers, to media cases and even power supplies now, they strive for quality and consistently deliver. This year at CeBIT 2007, they had a very nice display of their cases, as well as some accessories.

They had a few new towers on display, most of which were existing towers with a few changes. In the left picture, the case to the left is a PC-B20 with a slightly different front panel, and the right side case is a PC-A05; again with a different front panel. The original cases are in the picture to the right. The PC-A05 is a unique case where the PSU is located at the front of the case. There's a power cord that comes with the case that runs to the front of the case to plug into the PSU.

Displayed here was the PC-A10 case which techPowerUp! did a review of at the end of last year. Also featured was the PC-777 case, which is know as the "20th anniversary memorial model".

Some of Lian Li's EXT ATX cases - the PC-G70, and PC-201 to the left and to the right is the PC-S80 and the monstrous V2000 case. All cases come in either black or silver.

Lian Li's very nice Media Cases. They offer very compact ones, and larger twin bay models. The top one (PC-C35) features a 300watt PSU, with room for a single 5.25" drive. The larger case down the bottom, the PC-C31, has room for two 5.25" drives, and uses a standard ATX PSU. Both support the mATX form factor.
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