CeBIT 2007: A+ Cases 0

CeBIT 2007: A+ Cases


MaxPoint is displaying their three HTPC cases. The first is a mATX variant with two optical drive bays. The second is the newest of the kind with a VFD, card reader and single drive bay for a DVD or CD drive. The third has two large dials, a VFD and room for a single 5.25 drive. The side of this case features heatsinks to dissipate the heat better.

Their big tower additions are quite unique as well. The first case features a front door and two 25 cm fans on the side. As we have concluded with our review of the TwinEngine, these fans are extremely quiet and push huge amounts of air. The second addition is an aluminum variant which does have similarities to a Silverstone case. The large case with the two fans is also available as a mid tower with a single such fan.

Even their mATX case has the same large fan up top, blowing into the case. This looks incredibly sweet and should be great as a gaming case. Even MaxPoint's standard case looks great. It is also available as a mini and midi tower and features a side air went. The successor to the TwinEngine is called the El Diablo and looks absolutely sweet.

MaxPoint is also working with another company called New Atom which builds complete PCs with the A+ case line-up. They also offer professional printing of the case sides which are then sealed for a perfect paint job.