CeBIT 2007: Point of View Review 2

CeBIT 2007: Point of View Review

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Point Of View

Most know about Point Of View graphic cards. They produce much more than just that. They have a modded, white Lian-Li case with their logo on the side. The other side features a window which shows all the Point Of View parts being used in the system.

Even though a Lian-Li case was used, the company also offers their own cases. The above four cases constitute the newest addition to the line-up. They offer over ten different cases to choose from. Point Of View and Tagan have teamed up to offer co-branded power supplies. These are all high power parts, perfect for high-end PCs and feature a cable management system.

Point of View also showcased a small HTPC case, which can take two optical drives and a full size ATX mainboard. You can also add two fans to the system and a normal ATX power supply as well as two hard drives. A digital picture frame was also shown. These are becoming quite popular and are part of Point Of View's new, diversified product line.

Point Of View has diversified their product line-up over the last few years. They offer a complete range of accessories to go with your PC. The other aspect which should be interesting to gamers is the gaming series, which consists of a large mouse pad, 5.1 surround sound headset and laser mouse. The headset comes in a nice carry bag, so it can be taken to LAN parties quite easily.

There are also a lot of smaller things like USB sticks, HDD enclosures and mouse pads among other things. The two interesting products are the mouse pad with included USB hub and a small USB device to transfer files between to USB sticks without the use of a PC.

Last but not least, let's take a look at the graphic card line-up. Point Of View has started to offer factory overclocked graphic cards. The EXO Edition spans all three 8800 series cards. The 8800GTX features 600 MHz on the GPU and 1900 MHz on the memory, while the GTS is clocked at 575 MHz for the GPU and 1600 MHz for the memory.
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