CeBIT 2007: Razer 2

CeBIT 2007: Razer

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The entire Razer booth consists of the above gaming stations, as well as two separate Alienware computers for the show matches. There is a big ad for the new Razer Pro|Solution Pro Click Mobile mouse in the back corner of that picture. It is an optical Bluetooth 2.0 mouse to be used with notebooks.

The two Razer booth girls even tried their hand at playing Counter-Strike. They played on the Alienware PCs and seemed to know what they were doing. Is there anything better than beautiful girls playing your favorite computer game using top notch hardware?

The public gaming stations give the visitors a chance to try out the various Razer products. There is a combination of the DeathAdder mouse (Read our review here) on a Razer Pro|Solutions mouse pad. Another station features the Razer Diamondback mouse to try out. Razer is already working on the next big thing - a wireless gaming mouse. You may think "that has been done before", but Razer actually managed to use the firmware of a wired mouse in the wireless device. This means it will exceed the specifications of most wired mice, making it perfect for gamers. It will also feature replacable covers and a plug & charge system, much like the system implemented in modern gaming consoles.

The Razer Tarantula is also available to game on for the general public. The above picture shows the desktop in combination with the Diamondback. All stations have Razer headphones, so that users can concentrate on what's happening on screen, instead of being destracted by the loud music being played in Hall 22 at CeBIT. They are by far the most comfortable headphones I have ever tried.

The Razer Pro|Solutions keyboard may also be tried out. It combines all the advantages of a Tarantula keyboard with an iPod docking station. The mouse on this computer was a Pro|Solutions mouse as well, kept in iPod white.
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