CeBIT 2007: Sapphire 3

CeBIT 2007: Sapphire

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At this show Sapphire had only two new products to show because the whole R6xx ecosystem of cards has been delayed by AMD.

One of the new products is the PI-AM2RS690MHD which is based on the new AMD RS690 chipset and comes with HDMI support on-board. We had the pleasure to review this excellent board, find our review here.

The really hot product without doubt is this X1950 Pro Dual. It comes with two X1950 Pro GPUs on one huge PCB. The two GPUs have 512 MB GDDR3 each which brings the total memory size to 1 GB. The third big chip you can see is the PCI-E bridge which connects the two GPUs internally. According to Sapphire one of these cards can compete with the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX, first press samples will be available in the next weeks. Near the edge of the cards you see the new internal CrossFire connector which allows Quad-CrossFire on future Catalyst driver versions. At this time AMD is still working on finalizing that driver.
Each of these cards will consume over 200 Watts, that's why a second PCI-E power connector is required. Of course the cards have Dual DVI Dual-Link outputs on board. As cooling solution a two slot cooler is used that covers the whole card and uses a single fan.

Sapphire also has a live demo running where two of these boards were working together in Quad-CrossFire, benchmark numbers were not shown though.
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