CeBIT 2007: Sharkoon Review 0

CeBIT 2007: Sharkoon Review

Sharkoon is showing off their complete range of 5.1 headphones, which can be tried on as well. There are four different variants, so it covers all the needs from gaming to home theater. The gamer headset GHS1 is not brand new, but has been doing very well, receiving a lot of awards. The second offering is the Cosmos 5.1, which has been available for some time as well but has received a refresh in form of a new revision. The paddings on the ear pieces has been improved and should prove to be more comfortable than previous generations.

The other two headsets are called Ecstatic 5.1 and Majestic 5.1. Both have been revised as well and feature the same improvements as the Cosmos 5.1.

Sharkoon is also displaying a wall filled with all their accessories as well as the headsets. This way you know what to look for if you want to buy their products. There is a wireless media keyboard also available. It has a trackball on one side to steer the mouse pointer as well as the two mouse buttons on the left side, while the top features media controls.

Sharkoon also sells power supplies in various shapes and sizes. The Silentstorm consists of three models up to 480W and utilizes two silent fans. The 370W and 430W only have a single PCIe power connector, while the 480W features two. The SHA450-8P is Sharkoon's mainstream power supply, delivering silent operation at a lower price point. As you can see the cables are not sleeved on this power supply. The newest variant is the Silentstorm 120, which comes in 500W, 600W or 700W.

The back of the booth houses the Rebel 9, which now can be had either with the 25 cm side fan or just with simple air vents. The latter is called the "Rebel 9 Economic" and should cost less. There is are a few additional ATX cases which come with or without a 25 cm side fan. These cases are available in silver, black or a combination of the two.

The newest addition to the Sharkoon cases are the S-Dream and Rebel 12. The S-Dream features an aluminum door, power button and front connectivity on top as well as a 25 cm fan. The fan is located on the right side of the case, which suggests that the mainboard is installed upside down. The Rebel 12 is simply a large version of the Rebel 9 with a total of twelve drive bays, instead of nine.

The entire Rush series is also on display. The Rush mouse (Read our review here) is placed on the Sharkoon 1337 XL gaming mat (Read our review here). The other two items in the Rush series are the Rush Gaming Keyboard and the Rush Gaming Pad.

There is a glass enclosure with a lot of smaller parts from Sharkoon. To name a few - there are fans and a USB device to connect hard drives and optical drives to the computer externally. There is a fan speed controller and a web cam being shown off as well. The Twin Drive hard drive enclosure is now offered in silver as well. The case has space for two IDE hard drives which are run off a single PSU and utilize a single USB 2.0 connector.

The entire Silent Eagle fans are also hung up on a wall. They now include blue LED variants for all the modders out there.