CeBIT 2007: Sparkle Review 0

CeBIT 2007: Sparkle Review

Sparkle's SF-HPX73GDH is a low cost GeForce 7300 GT card that is equipped with 256 MB of GDDR3 memory on a low-profile PCB. It can be used in SLI and comes with clocks of 350 MHz core and 700 MHz Memory. It has a DVI output as well as a HDMI connector so it seems to be a good choice for media PC systems.

If a media PC with a 7300 GT isn't fast enough, try the 7600 GT. It has HDMI output as well as 256 MB of GDDR3 memory. The clock speeds are 560 MHz and 700 MHz here.

Still not fast enough? Try this 7900 GS which HDMI and up to 512 MB GDDR3 memory. Here the clock speeds are 450 / 660 MHz. All HDMI cards need just one slot and offer SPDIF audio as well.

For users who want absolute silence, two passively cooled GeForce cards has been developed based on the 7900 GS and the 7600 GT. Clock speeds are 450 / 610 MHz and 560 MHz / 700 MHz. Both cards use 256 MB GDDR3 memory.

Sparkle also has a large number of cards following the NVIDIA reference designs, even though they prefer to build and validate their own designs. Also you could see that the AGP and even PCI market is still big enough to show products.

This is a new prototype of a GPU temperature readout display right on the card. The LED display will show temperatures and possible other information, nothing has been set in stone yet. Also the design might be changed a little bit. It is good to see Sparkle build new innovative solutions into their products.

Sparkle's high-end cards are called "Calibre". They offer increased clock rates and custom cooling solutions. For example this Calibre 8800 GTX is running at a clock rate of 630 MHz on the core and 965 MHz on the GDDR3 memory of which 768 MB are used on-board.