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CeBIT 2007: Thermaltake Review

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Thermaltake has a beautiful booth at CeBIT and they are showing off a lot of new things. Let's start small: the Blue Orb is now available as the Blue Orb FX which features a fan with LEDs that can display the current temperature and noise level with the help of LEDs on the blade.

The first of Thermaltake's new air coolers is simply called the V1. The name goes with the v-shape of the HSF. The fins are seamlessly attached to the four heat pipes, while a 110 mm fan pulls air through them. Due to the design a fan in the rear of the case further increases the cooling performance as it is in line with the heatsinks own fan.

The second addition to the air cooler line-up is the MaxOrb, which is Thermaltake's current flagship offering. It has a whooping six independent heat pipes, which are located under the cooling fan, so the fan is actually blowing onto the pipes and the surrounding fins. Due to the sheer size of the HSF surrounding components on the mainboard will be cooled as well.

Thermaltake ships all three coolers in large card board boxes with windows. For comparison, the original BlueOrb comes in a welded plastic casing. The company is also displaying heat pipe based memory heat sinks. The fins can be adjusted to be closer together or further apart, just as needed.

Two new GPU water cooling models are being shown. The first is the AT4 which will fit on a R600. Considering the size of the reference R600 HSF, this seems to be a great alternative. the second GPU liquid cooling system goes under the name of ND4 and fits on the 8800GTX. These GPU blocks can be used with the Tide Water Plus. ASUS is using this setup on their GeForce 8800GTX.

The newest addition to the big Water Series is called the Big Water 760i. The pump, reservoir, radiator and 12 cm fan have been placed in a 5.25 inch enclosure which takes up two drive bays. It features 9.5 mm tubing a 500l/h pump and 130cc water reservoir. The CPU block is made out of copper and is only 6.8 mm thick. The optional LCS monitoring system displays all important information like pump flow rate per hour and in percent, CPU temperature, as well as the current fan speed.
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