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CeBIT 2007: Tidbits Review

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Mushkin & Alphacool

2, 3 & 4th image are from our friends over at AwardFabrik.

Alphacool has some very interesting products available. They have a water cooling system for Mushkin memory on display at CeBIT. The pipe is just placed under the heat spreader of the Mushkin memory, fits perfectly and is only being offered for the memory brand.

Our friends over at AwardFabrik got their hands on this cooler and got some amazing results - almost 14° Celsius lower than without the setup.

Besides the Mushkin memory water cooler, there is an incredibly slim CPU water block prototype being shown off. The other very interesting product is a GeForce 8950GX2 GPU water block.

North Q

North Q is well known in Germany and Austria for their air cooling products. They do have some resemblance to the Zalman coolers and perform quite well. They also sell power supplies. The one they have on display features a small antenna and a remote control. This gives the user the possibility to turn the PC on or off from a distance.

They also have a low profile HTPC for visitors to take a look at. It has a card reader, display and space for a slim type optical drive. The system was also up and running with a big screen LCD screen.
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