CeBIT 2007: Zalman Review 5

CeBIT 2007: Zalman Review

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At this CeBIT Zalman continued showing their 3D TFT displays that we had already seen at CES in Las Vegas. The sizes available will be 19", 19" wide, 22" and 22" wide. A future product will most probably be a 26" version. Unlike all other 3D displays, Zalman will ensure that those are well affordable, when compared to regular TFTs.

As Zalman is moving away from the Fatal1ty brand, they are bringing out new "ZMachines" cases based on the Fatal1ty concept but without the branding. All cases will feature a 5 mm thick aluminum shell which is built to last. In addition to the black cases that have been available for some time now, Zalman is introducing a grey case series as well.

As you can see some creative ideas have been added like these doors on the sides of the case.
On the inside you have vibration-absorbing harddisk mounts made from rubber. In addition to the ones in the traditional drive cage location, there are two extra mounting spots below the motherboard that allow for a tool-less installation.

The Reserator external watercooling solutions have got a new model, the Zalman Reserator XT. It comes with a big external cooling unit that has a fan in the back. You can adjust the fan speed or let the Reserator control it automatically. On top of that you get a readout that displays temperatures and flow rate. Flow rate can be adjusted as well.

A number of waterblocks have been released as well for the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX and GTS Series. Even though the actual waterblock is low-profile, the cooler occupies two slots because of the way the barbs are installed. The whole cooler is made from aluminum.

The CNPS7500 LED is a quiet CPU cooler with universal mounting system. It does not have any heatpipes but should deliver sufficient cooling performance for most applications at a low price.

The next bigger new model is the CNPS8700 which is made from all copper with two heatpipes. While two heatpipes may not sound like much (we have seen coolers with six heatpipes at the show) its curved design should improve performance considerably.

According to Zalman, the VF1000, with its four heatpipes, is able to cool a GeForce 8800 class videocard.

VNF100 is a completely passive, fanless VGA cooler for low to midrange video cards.
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