CeBIT 2007: Zotac Review 0

CeBIT 2007: Zotac Review

Zotac showed off a few of their graphic cards as well. The company produces NVIDIA based graphic cards and mainboards. Both the 8800 GTX and 8800 GTS were showcased. These are reference design and - presumably, as there was no spec sheet - reference speed as well.

The company also offers a GeForce 7900 GS running at 570 MHz and a 7950 GT at 550 MHz, cooled completely passive using a large heat pipe cooler. The heatsink looks a lot like the Accelero S from Arctic Cooling but is a bit smaller.

Zotac also sells a 7900GS with active cooling. The HSF used is not reference as well and the card runs at 570 MHz just like the passive variant.

There are a few mid range cards also on display. The 7600GS and 7300LE, both with 256 MB memory and running at stock GPU speeds of 400 MHz and 450 MHz respectively.

The budget segment is also being shown off. Zotac has chosen to show the 7100GS with 128 MB memory and the 6200A which is an AGP card with 256 MB. As you may have noticed, Zotac uses passive or non-reference coolers for graphic cards.

Two mainboards are also displayed. Zotac chose a blue PCB for the boards. The ATX board is based on the nForce 570 chipset with a fairly reference design. There seems to be a lack of electronic, onboard components, which either means that Zotac has changed some design, while keeping the reference layout or that the display unit is a prototype or non functioning sample. The mATX board did look more like a finished product and is based on the nForce 405 chipset, which is a single chip design and still features onboard graphics.