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CeBIT 2008: A-DATA Review

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The eSATA/USB memory flash device is now being shown off in white - in addition to the blue we noticed at CES. A-Data is also showing off the entire line-up of SSD, which has been on display at the show in Las Vegas already.

A-Data is showing their new line-up of DDR2 and DDR3 memory. The newest addition is the G series, intended for gamers. It features a black heatspreader and is available in DDR2 800 MHz CL5-5-5-12 or DDR3 1600 MHz CL9-9-9-24. The Viesta series has remained red for DDR2 up to 1200 MHz and grey for DDR3 up to 2000 MHz. You will also find DDR3 SODIMMs running at 1066 MHz at their booth.

A very unique new product series are the additional cooling parts, which can easily be clipped ontop of the A-Data DIMMs, which use the new heatspreaders. These kits are sold seperately are made of aluminum and are available in form of a passive heatsink, an aktive heatsink & fan combination, a base plate for you own water cooling setup or even in form of a LN2 tank. A-Data is still working on the thermal interface material. They are looking to make it fairly thick and soft, so that the memory sinks into the material slightly, allowing for better contact.

The Sport, Nobility and Disney series of Flash drives can also be viewed at their booth. The Nobility now features a golden color and the black caps have been changed to correspond to the color of the metal part of the flash drive. The Classic series has also been used as a base for Disney themed drives.

A-Data also has two very nice looking, modded Lian-Li cases at the booth, fully equipped with high-end hardware and their DDR2 Gamer series, as well as the high-end DDR3 Viesta memory.
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