CeBIT 2008: Airlive Review 1

CeBIT 2008: Airlive Review

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Airlive is showing off a few very interesting items at their booth at CeBIT. The most interesting consumer product is a wireless device, which you can use to stream any files and videos to your TV over your wireless network. The interesting upside is the fact that not the decoded frames are sent over the network, but the compressed video. The file is then decoded on the unit itself. This means that you can use HDMI and display full HD movies on the TV. The unit also features a USB connector up front. You can connect a wireless keyboard and control the device and Windows of the host PC as well.

As you can see in the pictures of the show further up, the unit did not yet feature the Airlive logo. The final unit pictured above, looks the same, except for the logo on top. The front also features labels for each port function.

The interface is nice to use, quite fast and already works well. You can also capture the desktop screen of the host PC and control files. You can also capture embedded video running on the host PC - YouTube for example - and display it on full screen on the TV.

Airlive is known for producing unique networking products. They have some of the most exciting parts on display. The first is a 300 MBit/s power-line to network adapter, called the HP-3000E. You can use two or more of these to create a high performance network within your home over the existing power lines. The other two items are intended for small businesses or home use. The small box is a IP-2000VPN which features 10 IPSec and 10 PPTP VPN tunnels, all in one box. The other is a very elaborate all in one Firewall & Gateway. It has numerous features like VPN, QoS, User Authentication, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and P2P blocking among other things. This is basically an all-in-one solution for small businesses.

The WIAS-1200G in combination with the TP-1000S, is a complete system to create a pay internet system. This is aimed at hotels and internet cafés. You can easily set up time and cost plans and generate individual access codes to use by the paying customer. As payment gateway Paypal is supported for easy handling. The WMU-7000AV is the newest wireless hard drive with multimedia capabilities. It comes with an HDMI port, supports IDE or SATA hard drives and also features a RJ45 network connectivity. The unit ships with a remote control as well. The WX-1000CPE is a WiMax Indoor antenna. It works with any existing WiFi network and can extend it over a radius of 50 km.

Another interesting product it the WLA-9000AP, which is a 108MBit/s access point that can operate at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It also can use Power-Over-Ethernet and has three RJ45 ports for routing duties.
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