CeBIT 2008: Akasa 2

CeBIT 2008: Akasa Review

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We had a quick drop-in at the Akasa booth and as it turns out, there are a few new additions on display, here at CeBIT. At the CPU cooler end, you will find their heatpipe cooler, which has now been perfected.

Scan UK is a large reseller in England and they are offering the new Akasa Mirage successor, called Omega with a perfect blue paint job as well as a window. The chassis is on display, fully loaded with three Radeon HD3870s using Akasa's blue LED GPU aftermarket cooler. Another great change to the original Mirage, is the indented interior of the door. You may now install fan controllers and the likes, without having to worry about the door not closing properly. The new design also allows for a dual 12 cm radiator to be installed under the ceiling of the case, with the proper air grill already present.

There is another, lager case on display - called Infinity. It comes with two hard drive cages, for a total of up to 8 hard drives. It also features holes for water cooling out back or the possibilty to install them under the top air grill as well. The top drive bay holds the usual power/reset buttons as well as the whole line-up of I/O, nicely hidden behind a drop down door. This entire unit can be taken out of the case and placed in any drive bay of your choosing. The Infinity will be available in two versions, a gamer editions with lighted fans and a normal one, without LEDs in the cooling.

Two new hard drive enclosure series are also being presented at CeBIT. The first is called the ONYX series and should have a lower price point while the other series is exclusively for 2.5 inch hard drives. This series is constructed of aluminum and comes in various colors.
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