CeBIT 2008: Apevia 0

CeBIT 2008: Apevia Review

Apevia is showing off a few new colors for the X-QPack2. This is now possible, because the company does not store entire units, but now keeps the colored aluminum part seperate. This means that they are more flexible to apply the needed front cover to the case. The camouflage variant has been out for some time, but certainly looks very cool in real life.

Their newest cases are the mid-tower X-Supra and the smaller mATX chassis, the X-QBOII. Both are available in multiple colors as well and feature clean straight lines as a design. The mATX case actually holds the mainboard upside down.

Another new mid-tower enclosure is the X-Telestar. It comes with a front door as well, and a few very nice lighting accents. The case is available in a variety of colors as well, as is the case with all Apevia enclosures. It also features a round, color LCD to read out fan speed and temperature of the diodes.

The Warlock power supply line-up consists of three large, mirror finish and windowed PSUs, ranging from 750W, 900W to 1100W. They all feature 135 mm fans, with adjustable lighting. There are five lighting color/modes available to the end-user. The entire Warlock series can handle SLI and CrossFire systems.