CeBIT 2008: Cooler Master 15

CeBIT 2008: Cooler Master Review

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One of the main attractions at Cooler Master is their Cosmos S case which has been recently released. Several raving reviews are out there already which are a testament to how great the case is.

If your budget is even bigger, then you can grab one of the custom hand-airbrushed cases. The unmodded Cooler Master cases are shipped off to an airbrush artist who creates a uniquely styled case. Available themes include NVIDIA, Soccer and more fantasy like ones like Dragon. Do not expect those cases to be cheap, nor readily available. Cooler Master is looking into ways to fabricate such cases cheaper and in bigger quantities by using vinyl skins and similar technologies.

The Cooler Master Hyper Z600 is a massive CPU cooler that can run passive with lower clocked processors. If you plan on doing some overclocking or have a hot Quad Core in your PC you can attach one or two 120 mm fans to quickly increase cooling performance. The Hyper Z600 ships without fans but with the clamps to mount additional fans included.

Cooler Master also showed two new PSU series. The first one is the "Ultimate" (700/900/1100W) which is built for demanding gamers using the best available components on the market but at a higher price. The "SilentPro" Series (500/600/700W) is optimized for silent machines. If you look closely you can see the black rubber vibration dampeners around the case. This helps to absorb any vibration noise created by the PSU fan, that would be passed on to the case otherwise.
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