CeBIT 2008: Corsair 3

CeBIT 2008: Corsair

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Corsair is showing off their 1000W power supply. It is 3-Way SLI certified and uses modular connectivity. This is the only 1000W PSU which has received this certification so far. Other units usually tend to offer 1100W or 1200W with the same 3-Way SLI certification.

Corsair is also actively promoting the XMP and EMP2 profiles. Their memory products are available with different SPD programming for each type. So you can choose the right memory for your Intel or NVIDIA based mainboard. You may of course also grab the one without such specific SPD programming. Corsair is now also offering memory for Mac users. Since you may not overclock the Apple computers, these modules run at the same speed but with tighter timings, to improve overall performance.

Corsair will also be offering memory which does not advertise specific CL ratings but just a certain speed. This is geared toward users, looking for a reliable brand in the store shelf of large retailers. This memory is currently limited to certain markets, so you will not find it everywhere.

Their Survivor and Voyager USB flash drives now go up to 32GB while the Voyager GT can hold up to 16GB of your data. We reviewed the Voyager in the past and it was very sturdy.

There is also a full system up and running, using 3-Way SLI and a NVIDIA mainboard. Even though it is not mentioned anywhere, it is obvious, that this is an nForce 790i board up and running.
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