CeBIT 2008: Cyber E Sport 0

CeBIT 2008: Cyber E Sport Review

You may not know Cyber E Sport, but the company used to be called Flexi Glow. The new company offers four retail brands. The most unique one is called Orbita. The Freestyle Mouse is a circular, wireless pointing device, which has a top, which can be spun around. It comes with a base for recharging the battery, which has a life of around a week for normal use. The Orbita Mouse works on the desktop or a mouse pad just like a normal mouse, except that you can spin it and use it an any angle.

The Gamepwr brand is used for their PSUs. All of them have racing stripes, are modular and can be had with 600W, 850W or 1000W. The interesting part is a 5 US Dollar voucher, which you simply register when you buy the power supply. Cyber E Sport will then plant a tree for that amount, to counter-act the effects of using a high power PSU in your system.

The third brand is called Siren and is aimed at female PC users. These colorful keyboard, mouse pads & mice are not intended for female gamers, but girls which use their PC for everyday work, surfing and chatting.

The Cyber Snipa brand is also part of Cyber E Sports. The carrying bags and the mouse, which were first presented at Games Convention, are now available in retail. This means that we are seeing them for the first time, but we wanted to point out the fact, that Cyber Snipa is part of the same firm as well. Look for a review of the mouse in the near future.