CeBIT 2008: EVGA 0

CeBIT 2008: EVGA Review

EVGA is showing off a foldable display at their small booth at CeBIT. The monitor features two seperate displays on one stand, which can be turned around or folded up. The base also acts as a speaker system and USB hub. Two DVI connectors are combined into one big one, to feed both monitors with the needed information.

The monitor is actually connected to a notebook using EVGAs external graphic unit. These utilize USB connections and have a DVI connector on the other side. They have a solid aluminum body, which actually becomes quite warm. The retail price should be somewhere around 70-80€s when they become available.

EVGA was also one of the firms, which is showing off new nForce boards. They have changed the cooling solution on their 780i board, it can be used with a fan or with watercooling, without having to remove the north bridge heatsink. The middle board in the shelf is the upcoming 790i. EVGA is clearly showing it off, even though it is still not on the market yet. To the right you will find the nForce 750i, which uses SLI and DDR2, but comes at a lower price point. This board is meant for the mainstream market.

EVGA is also showing off the GeForce 9800 GX2, which has the same red theme as their SCC series. You will also find the additional EVGA sticker on the side of the reference design cooler, so anyone will know what brand you are using. The 8800 GT SCC with the two slot cooling solution and a passively cooled midrange GeForce 8 card can also be found in their display case. This is the companys first try at a passive cooling solution for their graphic cards. We should see modern cards from EVGA with passive solutions in the future, if everything goes well.

There will also be a completely water cooled version of the 790i. It comes with Innovatek water blocks for all important parts of the board. The southbridge block has been changed, so that you may use 3-Way SLI without any problems. They also have a 9800 GX2 with the new two-sided watercooling block von Innovatek at their booth.