CeBIT 2008: G.Skill 0

CeBIT 2008: G.Skill Review

G.Skill is jumping on the SSD bandwagon. Their offerings have an aluminum casing, much like the ones from OCZ. They are also available with SATA I and SATA II interface.

Another new addition in the product line is a small fan which can be placed on top of each memory module. The miniscule part is powered by a Molex connector. While this is a new approach, the fan is not the quietest out there.

They are also showcasing a new heatspreader with extended fins for DDR3. Note the Pi sign on the spreaders, this is the new series' name for the upcoming DDR3 line-up using those heatspreaders.

Their DDR3 products goes up to 1800 MHz. The unique aspect is the fact, that this memory runs at 1.5V, but a CL9-9-9 . Other variants in blue with 1066 MHz and other 1600 MHz in black are also on display. These run at CL 6-6-6 and CL 7-7-7 respectively.

G.Skill also shows their diverse DDR2 with up to 1066 MHz and CL 4-4-4-12. All of these memory modules feature heatspreaders in different colors. Note that G.Skill uses same color heatspreaders for different models, so you may find the same color on DDR2 and DDR3 units.