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CeBIT 2008: GeiL Review

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GeiL is showing off their Evo ONE series at CeBIT this year. The cooler is very large and features thin fins to dissapate the heat better. The package is still paper, as is the case with most of their memory products. A small window in the package shows the special heatsinks. The Evo ONE series is available in DDR2 and DDR3 variations.

The new DDR3 series comes clearly labled. The new series goes up to 1600 MHz CL7. You will also find new Kits with the XMP profile embedded, so that you will be able to use them on Intel based boards and set the best timings with a simple switch in the BIOS.

GeiL is also offering a new "PLUS" line of DDR2 memory products with very tight timings. These start at 800 MHz CL3-3-38, go up to 1160 MHz CL4-4-4-12. The golden middle is also available at CL4 and 1066 MHz.

Another nice addition is memory for Apple computers. These come at tighter timings than the standard DIMMs, but at the same speed. GeiL has chosen to place white heatspreaders on these modules.

Most people may not be aware of this, but GeiL also produces flash drives with various speeds and colors.

You will also find their Evo ONE series up and running in a quad-channel configuration for their DDR2 line and an XMP based DDR3 dual-channel system as well. The Golden Dragon series can also be viewed, running in quad-channel as well.
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