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CeBIT 2008: J & W Review

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J & W may not be a brand well known in Europe, but they are pushing hard into the market. They have a booth, displaying their newest mainboards from AMD, NVIDIA and Intel. First off let us take a look at the offered AMD based mainboards. They are showcasing various AMD 7 Series boards. You will find AMD 770, 780 and 790 based boards in various flavors. All of these are AM2+ mainboards which can utilize the newest Phenom CPUs.

There are various NVIDIA based boards as well. The GeForce 8200 and 8300 which can be used for Hybrid SLI as well as entry level nForce 7 series mainboards capable of SLI. All of these boards are passively cooled and the SLI ones use solid state capacitors.

The newest Intel chipsets are also present in form of the X48, P45 and G45 series. The one unit all the way to the left is actually an X48 based board which can take DDR3 memory, while the others can utilize DDR2 instead. The latter is a mATX board with onboard graphics. It is also one of the few with a green PCB.

Some of the J & W mainboards have a small post code display on the rear of the board. While this is nothing new, it is nice to see that some new generation mainboards will come with such a feature.
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