CeBIT 2008: Lexar & Crucial 0

CeBIT 2008: Lexar & Crucial Review

Lexar does not have a seperate booth at CeBIT, but they still have very interesting products to show at a more private setting. The first very unique product is a UDMA compact flash reader. It utilizes Firewire 800 and it has two such connections in the back. This enables stacking of multiple readers over each other, with one being connected to the reader below. The 8GB UDMA card is also available for closer inspection. These cards should perform much better than the traditional CF cards, as long as the device accessing it actually supports UDMA.

Another mainstream card reader, which can take Compact Flash as well as SD/MMC/SDHC cards is also available. It uses a traditional USB connector to interface with your PC. The USB armbands, which we covered with our CES coverage are shipping in a compact cardboard package. The Lexar FireFly is a very compact USB flash drive, which has a very sturdy plastic enclosure. The clear cap holds really well and you will require a bit of gentle force to take it off. So you will not have to worry about loosing the drive on the road. The FireFly is available up to 4 GB. Look for a review here soon.

Their memory products under the Crucial brand are also part of the line-up. The FBDIMMs actually feature the new, thin heatspreaders, but were not available for a close-up at the meeting. The DDR3 Ballistix memory with the golden heatspreader and the new red Ballistix DDR2 with the red LEDs are both already shipping products. The latter was only viewable inside a custom, red Cosmos case, so it is nice to get a close look at them now. Crucial will also extend the Tracer series to the DDR3 line-up and they are still looking at new and unique placement ideas for the LEDs.

Last but certainly not least, here is a picture of the retail SSD drive. This means two things: first, it is ready for retail and second it is shipping even though quantities are not large, this is not the case with any other brand SSD either.