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CeBIT 2008: Mushkin Review

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Mushkin is showing off their full line-up of memory products. These dual channel kits ship in wooden boxes with a branded Mushkin logo on top (be on the lookout for a review soon!). These kits ship in 2GB or 4GB variants, set at different speed and CL settings. The next charge of packaging will be painted white with a color logo on top. They are also using the venue to announce the newest addition of DDR3 based memory modules running at 1600 MHz CL7-7-6-18 with 1.85-1.9V and 1800 MHz CL8-8-7-20 with 1.9-1.95V.

A new addition to the company's product line-up are graphic cards. The GeForce 8800GT is on display, using a green PCB. It is available in two variants. The one uses a reference cooler, with a funny sticker on it. It uses the black fan to illustrate a large wheel rolling down a hill, with a stick man running away from it. The second has a custom heatsink/fan. These cards will also ship in a white wooden box.

On the powersupply front, there is the 800W modular power supply. It has a chrome finish and a green LED fan - once more using Mushkins main color. The combination looks quite nice. There are mainstream power supplies with 400W and 500W on display as well.

Award Fabrik is sharing a booth with Mushkin and they have various custom made systems up and running using Mushkin parts, as well as a overclocking stage.
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