CeBIT 2008: Nanya & Elixir 0

CeBIT 2008: Nanya & Elixir

Nanya/Elixir has a small, booth at CeBIT. They are simply showcasing a few of their memory products of each brand. You will find DDR2 and DDR3 at JEDEC ratings at their booth. A nice little tidbit are the DDR3 SODIMMs. Considering the amount of memory manufacturers showing off DDR3 for notebooks in relation to the non-existant market is quite unique. FB-DIMMs under the Nanya brand are also present.

You will also find DDR2 and DDR3 Elixir memory. This is aimed at the system integrator market. It also runs at JEDEC speeds. The memory does not have any heatspreaders or anything out of the ordinary. It is available at up to 1066 MHz CL6-6-6, which should become the next step of standard memory for mainboards capable of this speed. They are cost effective and perfectly fine for the normal office user.

The Elixir brand also includes SODIMM DDR2 and DDR3 memory. Both are available in 1 or 2 GB flavors. The DDR3 runs at 1066 MHz CL 7-7-7 while the DDR2 is rated for 800 MHz CL5-5-5. Once again, these parts are meant to be cost effective implementation for system integrators and OEMs.

To further showcase the fact that the Nanya and Elixir brands are being used in many different products, there is a wall covered with different memory ICs, which have found their way into different home and entertainment units.