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CeBIT 2008: Revoltec Review

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Revoltec is showing a wide range of new products for gamers at this show. One is a five button wireless mouse operating in the 2.4 GHz band that is quite similar to the Logitech MX1000 in design. The laser sensor in use is a 1600 DPI variant to ensure optimum tracking on all surfaces. For precision fragging a DPI switch is in place so you can easily change the mouse speed while gaming.

These two new headsets feature soft padded ear buds that cover your ear to reduce noise from the outside. Both come with an adjustable microphone making it a great choice for online gamers.

For mobile gamers several new notebook coolers were presented at the show. They feature a number of fans in the base that are powered via the USB connector only. They are made from aluminum and have a small tray where you can store acessories that you would like to take with you. The fans can be rotated to either blow air onto the notebook base or suck it away. Unfortunately a variable fan speed control is not present, you can only turn on or off all fans at the same time.

Another new cooling product is the Thermal Freeze paste which is very easy to use thanks to its creamy consistency. Also it is not as expensive as the premium products from other manufacturers and comes in a big 6 gram package.

A very unique gaming surface can be seen above. It features a carbon fiber look on the edges and is lit by several LEDs. You can change the LED color between red, green and blue to adjust it to your case lighting or other environment parameters.
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