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CeBIT 2008: mCubed Review

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mCubed turned a lot of heads with their original HFX HTPC cases, with matching storage and amplifiers solutions. The Austrian firm also has a small booth at CeBIT with a few new items.

The HFX micro M1 has been changed slightly, as the past white & grey color reminded everyone of the Xbox 360 in combination with green LEDs to light up the drive bay. The newest revision does not use a green LED anymore.

mCubed has also expanded the mini line-up with a storage unit and an 1200W amplifier - called class.d - as well. The storage box, which can hold two 3.5 inch hard drives. All of these can be stacked nicely, just like the normal HFX series.

Another very unique item is the internal amp, which is simply plugged into a PCI slot of your mainboard, and is powered by the power supply.

They even have a luxury model on display, just to show case further possilities. You never know if a very wealthy Russian decides to drop by CeBIT unannounced.
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