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Cebit 2005 - Day 1 Review



Our danish friends from asetek had no new Vapochill to show off, instead they had a very impressive cooler for the masses.

Their VapoChill Micro utilizes the same proven phase-change technology as the Vapochill Extreme Cooling solution. A fluid in a closed low-pressure loop will evaporate when heated and move to the top of the pipes while in gaseous form. Once it cools down, it turns into a fluid again and returns to the bottom of the cooler. During this phase-change process, heat is released and dissipated through the cooling fins. This no-moving parts approach has a basically unlimited reliability, the angled direction of the cooling fins allow the cooler to run in both desktop and tower cases.

Traditional heatpipe constructions have to use a slab of copper to 'soak' up the heat before moving it through the heatpipe, Asetek's solutions has the evaporator right on top of the core.
This approach increases performance and reduces cost and weight. Talking about weight, the whole unit weights only 278g (355g with a 92mm fan)! Compare this to the 1000g of copper some other cooler manufacturers are approaching.

Support for all P4 LGA775, S478 and AMD S754/939/940 platforms is ready, it does require different mounting kits tho.

Initially there will be three products. The X1 which is geared towards the midrange gamer PC, the X2 which is for high-performance PCs and the FL1 for the silent PC which will run completely passive.

When used on a 3.4GHz 114W Pentium 4 CPU the full load temperature will be in the 65°C range while still being quiet, the passive FL1 will reach around 70°C which is still a lot below dangerous levels.

But the best is the price. This cooler, including fan and mounting kit, can be had for around USD 35 which makes it a really interesting alternative to traditional air coolers, especially if you want to build a quiet system. It will be available starting May 2nd.

Asetek also told us a bit about their future products. We can't go into much detail here, but it will be an affordable water cooling solution, not for the hardcore overclocker but for those users who want to get into watercooling without too much hassle and risk of flooding their system.
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