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Cebit 2006: Day 1 Review

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OCZ Technology

At this year's Cebit OCZ was not so focused on bringing out new memory products. The "only" new modules they had were the PC2-8000 and PC2-8800 DDR2 sticks. While other manufacturers are showing off 1 GHz memory, OCZ already has 1.1 GHz ready (5-6-6). Also the latencies of the 1 GHz module are better than the competition with CL4 while everybody else has CL5.

Maybe some of you remember, OCZ had air cooling products a long time ago. Now they are back with a new product geared towards the cost aware performance user. This fin-based heatsink is made from aluminum, the copper colored version is just copper plated for looks. However, the base plate where the important stuff is going on is made from copper in all versions. Also a protective foil is included for shipping. Some other manufacturers go through a lot of work flattening and polishing the contact surface only to get it scratched during shipping. Another nice feature of the OCZ heatsink is that the fan can be easily replaced in just a few steps.

Going from air cooling to super-cooling. The OCZ phase change unit has already been seen at CES earlier this year. Unfortunately the unit got damaged on its way to Germany, so no running system was on display. The Cryo-Z is engineered to deliver solid cooling performance for a price which will be competing with high-performance watercooling. The mounting mechanism includes the insulation which forms a tight seal with the motherboard, so it's a really quick and easy installation.

OCZ has also improved the OCZ Rally USB sticks (I carry one of them around with me all the time in my camera bag). The OCZ Rally 2 is similar to the Rally from a performance perspective, because it is hard to improve there. However, the design looks a bit more sleek in my opinion.

Last but not least, OCZ also has new power supplies coming up. The new models are GameXStream which is geared towards the power hungry enthusiasts and is available in 600W and 700W configurations. For the even more demanding hardcore overclockers the EvoStream has been created. Also available in 600W and 700W configuration it is designed to provide maximum stability and additional features like manual voltage adjustments.
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