Cebit 2006: Day 2 11

Cebit 2006: Day 2 Review

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GeCube has been presenting a load of new passively cooled video cards from the Radeon X1000 series.

There is a big lineup of X1600 cards. From a powerful XT running on AGP with an extra power connector down to a low profile PCI-Express X1600 Pro which should be a good choice for small form factor systems.

The available range of Radeon X1300 products is pretty similar.

This dual X1600XT "Gemini" is a single slot design and comes with two X1600 XT GPUs on the PCB. Looking at the PCB's version number I see "0.1" which probably means that this is far from launch and may have been a mock-up prototype.

Also on display were SFF systems which displayed the benefits of using low-profile video cards.
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