Cebit 2006: Day 6 1

Cebit 2006: Day 6 Review

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Foxconn was displaying this "digital PWM". Which replaces the CPU power conversion circuitry on the motherbord. This method of implementation is said to be more stable, more flexible and easier to integrate.

At Foxconn you could see some nice Quad-SLI live action.


I found this little chipset cooler very fascinating. Look at the way the copper has been arranged. How the hell can they do that and still make it cost effective?

Also on display were several CPU coolers, all following the Zalman approach and several heatsinks which look pretty nice for adding them to video card memory.

Primecooler were located in a hall which was mainly cooling products. Somewhere there I saw this cool fan which can display short messages while it is running. I remember when we built our own LED fans on Hardforums back in the days...
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