Cebit 2006: Day 6 1

Cebit 2006: Day 6


Arctic Cooling

Arctic Cooling's Accelero S1 is designed for the Radeon X1300 and X1600. It comes as all passive solution without any active fans, and still cools a lot better than the stock cooler!

The Silentium case line has been improved to use regular ATX PSUs now instead of the special units made by Arctic Cooling which only fit the Silentium Cases. Silentium is a concept which heavily optimizes the airflow inside the case while still being ATX compatible.

Arctic Cooling is also taking a look at the electrical side of things. This "Fusion Supporter" is a special unit which is supposed to buffer small instabilities in video card voltage. Basically the unit is acting like a huge capacitor that cleans the voltage input.
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